Tips for Great Blog Posts

Tips for Great Blog Posts: Comments should be intellectual as well as personal.

To Make a Blog Entry Intellectual

1) Quote specific lines from original blog entries and comment on them. For example you could write, “Your comment, ‘When students…..’ made me think about what this may mean for .....”

2) Quote from other souces:

  • a textbook or journal

  • other websites (always give the URL and title when doing this in online)

  • other blogs or comments to the same orignial post that you are responding to

3) Use specific examples to make your point stronger

4) Apply the educational concepts being talked about in the blog to take it to the “next level.”

To Make a Blog Entry Personal


1) Apply ideas being discussed to your own educational philosophy…how does it change what you think about education?

2) How would you implement this idea into your future classroom?

3) Make content specific comparisons and applications.



Blog #2: Make a New Entry

I think it will be easiest if you go ahead and "Make a new entry" for each blog response instead of editing the same one, like we'd talked about in class. Remember to have your name somewhere in your enty. Dr. Harland

Please have your name in your blog entries.

As you may see, your login name is what appears at the top of your blog page. Some of you have login names that make it difficult for me to know who you are. Please have your full name on your blog entry somewhere. It makes sense to have it after your entry, like you're signing off on a letter. That will help me out a lot! Thanks, Dr. Harland
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