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Will Richardson

Topic: When Are We Going to Stop Giving Kids Tests That They Can Cheat On?



I'm just askin'...

02 Apr 2008 12:26 pm



I was very shocked to see such a small post with so many responses!  With such an open ended question you have gotten 45 comments so far!  I started reading through some people's comments.  Such as Angie who said "Who ever said that test grades had to come from tests? What about projects? (And not the poster project or anything of the same ilk.) What about test grades based on participation/discussion? Anything that is evaluative can be a test grade. We need to stop thinking that means a piece of paper."  I think this is a very valid point.  No student learns the same or can be evaluated like the other, yet this is how education currently stands.  I like Angie's idea of having participation and outside and interesting class projects.

Another interesting comment was from Rob De Lorenzo, saying "In an age where information was difficult to attain, information memorization and regurgitation was important so tests were designed to meet that need. Now, with such easy access to information, tests that evaluate information attainment are both irrelevant and outdated. With any piece of information available on-demand, assessments and evaluations need to be skills-based, not information-based."  I am a college student and in one of my classes, we have recently learned how technology can be used in multiple kinds of evaluation.    When I was in high school, and even now in college, I don't retain anything from lectures.  But anything hands on or a discussion of the subject really helps for me.  Using technology can help students not memorize rote facts, but understand much more indebt any topic.  Memorizing is not helping to grasp concepts.

So, when are we going to spot giving kids tests that they can cheat on?  It's when we have the proper technology and staff to create great lesson plans and evaluation methods.  In a computer lab, student can have options of what test they can take.  I believe this is the begging of the best way to teach and evaluate.   



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